A downloadable game for Windows

Rhythm Top Down Game with Puzzle and very cool stuff created for the "Genre Mash Jam"

You must move when at white beat and teleport your self at purple beat.
The teleportation, you will REUSE your moves.
(ex : you move left-left-down-left the teleportation will teleport you doing this exact same move)

 Inputs :
- Arrow, ZQSD, WASD, D-Pad : Move
- Space, every gamepad button (except D-Pad) : Teleport
- F4 : Fullscreen
- Escape : Pause

Level Editor Inputs :
- Mouse Left click : Place object
- MouseRight click : Delete object
- Mouse Wheel : Change object
- Ctrl + N : Create a new Level
- Ctrl + S : Save your Level (in LocalAppData)
- Ctrl + L : Load your Level (in LocalAppData/Game Folder)
- Mouse Left click on top of the screen : Change rhythm

OST here :


Rhythmic Enigma PATCH 1.2.0.zip 28 MB
Rythmic Enigma PATCH 1.0.1.zip 32 MB